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My Geeky Nerdy Buddies (2014)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 98 MenitDilihat:
2 voting, rata-rata 7,3 dari 10

Download film Nonton My Geeky Nerdy Buddies (2014) Subtitle Indonesia Otaku and his roommate Mr. Cheap as known as the ultimate geeks of their university. However, like any normal guy, their goal is to fall in love with their girls of their dreams. To get close to his goddess Mei, Mr. Cheap pretends to be a spoiled rich kid, appearing everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, the introverted Otaku tries to create a chance to talk to class beauty Ling by running into her in the hallway, only to have his plan fall awkwardly.

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Bahasa: 普通话